Rachael-S-Head-Shot-Web1MBS Co-Owner | Registered Dietitian

Certified Personal Trainer

At the age of 3, my mom enrolled me in my first dance class and I was hooked. I loved the sound of the metal tap against the wood floor. I loved the movement and the energy I felt after class. As I got older, I discovered soccer and track. Sports helped me become disciplined both physically and academically. However, during my senior year in high school, I blew out my knee and was told by my orthopedic surgeon to stop playing soccer and running. I had surgery to repair the damage, went through physical therapy to get stronger, but my dreams of playing soccer in college were shattered.

That fall, I moved to New York to start my freshman year at New York University. Without formal sports, I found every excuse in the book not to exercise. Mostly, I was angry that I couldn’t run or play soccer anymore. I went to the gym on campus and my life changed. I met a Russian bodybuilder who introduced me to competitive bodybuilding. This was the discipline I needed without the running. I could lift weights and change the shape of my body by manipulating my nutrition. I changed my major from International Business to Nutrition. I started working as a chiropractic assistant and learned that corrective exercises, coupled with spinal manipulation, could “fix” the problems I was having with my knee. Within 2 years, I was running again, and without pain.

I met Chris Marino when I moved back from New York. Under his tutelage, I learned more about body mechanics, and was able to pair my passion for fitness with my degree in nutrition. As I explored my professional career as a registered dietitian, I always had my hands in the fitness industry: as a trainer, group fitness instructor or wellness coach. Now I get to join forces with my mentor to create change and help people achieve their goals.

My fitness philosophy: focus on what your body can do, and weight loss will be the side effect of your hard work and dedication.

My nutrition philosophy: there is NO such thing as “good” or “bad” food. In order to successfully lose the weight, you must learn to neutralize the idea of food and eat with balance.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 17 years and I’ve been a dietitian for almost 10 years. When people ask me about the best part of my job, the answer is simple, “I get to change peoples’ lives every day.” What better job could I possibly have?