metabolic group coachingOur Group Training program was designed with the intent of combining the benefits of one-on-one Personal Training at a fraction of the cost, with the socialization and energy of a Group Fitness Class. In fact, its our goal to provide our Large Group Training clients with more education, instruction and personal attention than you would get with a one-on-one Trainer at most gyms.

Clients in this program participate in specially designed Metabolic Strength & Core Training Circuits up to 3 times per week. The workouts are designed to challenge participants’ muscle strength and endurance, core strength and stamina, and cardio-respiratory endurance in an effort to both burn fat fast, and increase muscle and tone. We incorporate exercise techniques that have been scientifically proven to burn 9x the amount of fat compared to traditional cardio. Clients commonly report dramatic shifts in how their clothes fit and their energy levels after as little as 2 weeks.

Regardless of your current age or ability, you CAN be successful with this program. We consciously design the workouts to accommodate a large range of ages and fitness levels, and can quickly adapt exercises to work around nagging injuries or other limitations. Our youngest participant is 16, while our oldest is 70. We have clients who can run a sub-4 hour marathon training alongside clients who have only just begun to exercise.

We aim to provide you with progressively challenging exercises using a variety of tools that are rarely accessible in other programs. You’ll train on the TRX suspension trainer, swing Kettlebells, press and pull with Bands and Free Weights, Slam Medicine Balls, Sprint on an Airdyne bicycle, Flip a Tractor Tire, and you might even do your first Chin Up.

The workouts are adapted weekly to sustain your motivation, and to constantly expose you to a varied training stimulus which is essential to helping you lose fat fast and effectively transform your body.

  • 1-to-12 Instructor to Participant Ratio
  • Monthly Body Composition Monitoring on Our InBody 570
  • A No-Diet Nutrition Program
  • Attend Monthly Educational Meetings
  • E-mail/Phone Support