Chandler-at-Nationals-2013We’ve got a problem with most Strength & Conditioning Programs available for High School Athletes in our area. Here’s why:

  1. They don’t address the fundamental needs of the athletes (i.e. there is too much focus on speed, agility, and conditioning drills when young athletes really need to develop strength, build muscle, and learn to train safely
  2. The coach-to-athlete ratio at most facilities is far from optimal to provide adequate supervision or instruction to your young athlete
  3. They are charging you way too much money for the value that they provide

Our Strength & Conditioning Program for High School and College Athletes is designed to facilitate optimal performance on the athletic field, by providing a strong foundation for School & Club Coaches to work with. We understand that the best performance improvements are not achieved in the gym, but on the playing field and at practice. We also know that athletes who fail to train in the off-season to get strong enough to support the demands of their sport often find themselves sidelined at some point during the season. Moreover, athletes who fail to keep up their Strength Training program in-season often experience a drop-off in performance and higher injury risk as the season progresses. Ultimately, we develop Unbreakable Athletes that have superior body awareness, optimal body composition for their sport, above average strength & explosiveness compared to age-matched peers, and provide their coaches with a season-lasting stamina.

Our goal, at Marino’s Body Shop is to help create unbreakable athletes by

  1. optimizing movement potential,
  2. increasing joint stability (i.e. rotator cuff, knees, etc),
  3. maximizing core strength & stability, and
  4. improving overall strength & power

Moreover, we recognize that many student-athletes fail to get results from popular conditioning programs because they are not taught how to eat to support their training. We provide all of our athletes with a Nutrition manual that simplifies what can be a complex subject for both Athletes and their Parents. Additionally, once a month we offer a Nutrition Workshop to help discuss the challenges you face in providing adequate nutrition to your Athlete, and answer some of the many questions that tend to confuse both Parents and Athletes.

  • 1-to-6 Coach to Athlete Ratio
  • Movement & Flexibility Evaluation
  • Customized Training Plan (adjusts every 6 weeks)
  • Nutrition Coaching

How can you tell if your Athlete is in a Poor Program? If they’ve ever come home and told you that they got “sick” during a training session.

Because of our limited space, we do have an application process that Athletes must complete to determine whether we will accept them into the program.

First, we need to meet together with the Athlete and Parents.

Athletes who are accepted into the program will possess the following characteristics:

  • Discipline
  • Ability to take instruction
  • Willingness to Work Hard
  • Participates in the following sports: Soccer, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Baseball/Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, Skiing/Boarding, Track & Field