why usWhy should you choose Marino’s Body Shop to facilitate your Fitness & Nutrition program?

We are 100% confident that we can help you achieve your goals faster than any other fitness program in Chester County.

When you become a client at Marino’s Body Shop, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals all working hard to achieve their personal goals.

You don’t just take orders from your Trainer. Instead, you become a partner with us, as your coaches teach you the skills necessary to make exercise a lifelong habit.

You receive Nutrition support from a Registered Dietitian with over 15 years experience helping people like you change their body.

Your program is designed by a Fitness Professional with over 20 years experience, the top credentials in the industry, and who has taught both Trainers and Healthcare professionals nationwide the ins and outs of exercise programming for nearly 15 years.

Most important, you WILL get the results you desire without all the fluff.

Our Core Values at Marino’s Body Shop

1. Be Positive, Passionate, Professional, Patient and Perseverant
2. Keep it Light…It’s OK to Have a Little FUN with Training
3. Build and Value Your Character
4. Different isn’t Always Wrong
5. Strive for Balance
6. Embrace Failure and Thrive on a Challenge
7. Communicate Clearly and Convey a Consistent Message
8. We are ALL part of a TEAM
9. Be an Inspiration to Others…Lead By Example
10. Consistently Exceed Expectations